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School Backpack

Educate; but don't kill my curiosity

Why can't I question the content?

I'm a child. Please listent to me !

Too much competition

Too much focus on grades, instead of growth

 Why Rote-learning? 

Don't leave me on the mercy of teachers

Resolve the Homework Dilemma

Unending use of outdated curriculum

A word of caution!

Curious Photons offers children of different schools and backgrounds to come to a common platform to boost their Spoken English and Computer literacy to an extent that their school education becomes over-simplified when they return to school after holidays.




On one hand computer education for kids remains challenging due to the clutter in instructional designs available online, while on the other hand teaching a foreign language, particularly English fluency development forms the core of the multi-cultural education system and must be introduced to children at the earliest.

English and Computer Literacy Courses for kids are meant to satisfy their curiosity through step-by-step learning modules. 


Cognitive Skills


These courses go along with the computer education for kids to synchronize their cognitive skills with preparedness not only school curriculum but also the academic and subsequent professional life in future. This is because English and Computer literacy has become the basic grammar of modern life.


Adaptive Academic Alliance (ADACALL) brings the step-by-step learning modules for school children to satisfy their curiosity about the world around them.

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Teacher and Pupil
The Principal

It was my dream to interact with children and boost their creativity to see impressive results...... I started working to turn this dream into a reality. Fortunately, my family members, including my children came forward to support me in my lifetime project and the outcome was:

Curious Photons 

Principal, Curious Photons

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